The pretty town of Minden, the Douglas County seat, is a quiet, friendly community set in the heart of the Carson Valley. Minden began as a planned community, and is in fact unique among Silver State towns and possibly even the nation, as it was mapped and defined on the ground before a single building was built. View Listings
Gardnerville lies in the heart of Carson Valley, surrounded by peaceful green fields with views of the Sierra Nevada to the west and the Pine Nut range to the east. The inviting downtown is designed for strolling, with shady trees, old-fashioned street
lamps and carefully-tended flowers in the warmer months. View Listings
Genoa, pronounced “ju-NO-ah,” is nestled on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada in Carson Valley, 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe’s world-class skiing. Established in 1851 by Mormon traders, it was called Mormon Station until 1855 when, as legend has it, Judge Orson Hyde named the burgeoning town after Genoa, Italy. It is the first and oldest settlement in Nevada. View Listings
Lake Tahoe
It’s called the jewel of Nevada, and once you see it, you get it. Lake Tahoe is the nation’s largest alpine lake, 22 by 12 miles of sparkling water surrounded by 72 miles of pristine shoreline. During the warm summer months, it’s a water-sports paradise. And when it snows, well, winter sports-enthusiasts think they’ve died and
gone to heaven. View Listings
Carson City
Nevada’s proud state capital, Carson City was built on the cornerstones of mining, logging and the mighty railroad, was named for frontiersman Christopher “Kit”
Carson, who scouted the area for John C. Fremont in the mid 1840s. Carson City has it all shopping, dining, culture and nightlife while still maintaining its old-fashioned charm. View Listings
Nicknamed the “The Biggest Little City” Reno has a small town feel that may surprise you. Reno’s downtown is highlighted by the vivid contrast between the idyllic tranquility of the Truckee River and the sparkling neon glow of downtown. No longer only known for casinos and gambling the Reno-Sparks area is a place where raw natural beauty and exciting city life merge together. View Listings
Luxury real estate and homes for sale world wide. View Listings